Thursday, July 5, 2012

Full Big Brother 14 Cast Finally Revealed

Ashley Iocco - 26 year old mobile spray company owner.  Plans on playing everyone by coming off as a dumb ditzy blonde.

Danielle Murphree - 23 year old nurse.  Plans on being considered someone that isn't a threat in the house.

Frank Eudy - 28 and unemployed.  Son of WWE wrestling legend "Sycho Sid."  Plans on setting up a "Dream Team" to run the Big Brother house.

Ian Terry - 21 year old Engineering Student.  Wants to make an alliance of 6th people with himself being the 4th strongest to avoid to avoid going up on the block.

Jenn Arroyo - 37 year old musician.  Plans on being herself, which she describes as a fun twisted puzzle to unfold.

Jodi Rollins - 42 year old restaurant server.  Plans to let people underestimate her.

Joe Arvin - 41 year old chef.  Plans to use his cooking skills to get to the end since no one wants to get rid of the cook!

JoJo Spatafora - 26 year old bartender.  Has a strategy but doesn't think it's smart to tell.

Kara Monaco - 29 year old model.  2006 Playboy Playmate of the Year.  Doesn't have a strategy but knows you have to be great competitively and socially.

Shane Meaney - 26 year old house flipper.  Plans to make friends in the house while maintaining his competitive nature.

Wil Heuser - 24 year old marketing consultant.  Plans to make friends first and manipulate his way into control of the game.

Willie Hantz - 34 year old tankerman.  Related to Survivor's Russel Hantz.  Plans to make confusion in the house to keep the attention off him. 

Edit, Update: I tried to include pictures of the entire new cast of Big Brother 14, but for some reason the thumbnails didn't work here. To see the entire cast, take a look at our friends over at Big Brother Fans:

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