Thursday, July 5, 2012

Full Big Brother 14 Cast Finally Revealed

Ashley Iocco - 26 year old mobile spray company owner.  Plans on playing everyone by coming off as a dumb ditzy blonde.

Danielle Murphree - 23 year old nurse.  Plans on being considered someone that isn't a threat in the house.

Frank Eudy - 28 and unemployed.  Son of WWE wrestling legend "Sycho Sid."  Plans on setting up a "Dream Team" to run the Big Brother house.

Ian Terry - 21 year old Engineering Student.  Wants to make an alliance of 6th people with himself being the 4th strongest to avoid to avoid going up on the block.

Jenn Arroyo - 37 year old musician.  Plans on being herself, which she describes as a fun twisted puzzle to unfold.

Jodi Rollins - 42 year old restaurant server.  Plans to let people underestimate her.

Joe Arvin - 41 year old chef.  Plans to use his cooking skills to get to the end since no one wants to get rid of the cook!

JoJo Spatafora - 26 year old bartender.  Has a strategy but doesn't think it's smart to tell.

Kara Monaco - 29 year old model.  2006 Playboy Playmate of the Year.  Doesn't have a strategy but knows you have to be great competitively and socially.

Shane Meaney - 26 year old house flipper.  Plans to make friends in the house while maintaining his competitive nature.

Wil Heuser - 24 year old marketing consultant.  Plans to make friends first and manipulate his way into control of the game.

Willie Hantz - 34 year old tankerman.  Related to Survivor's Russel Hantz.  Plans to make confusion in the house to keep the attention off him. 

Edit, Update: I tried to include pictures of the entire new cast of Big Brother 14, but for some reason the thumbnails didn't work here. To see the entire cast, take a look at our friends over at Big Brother Fans:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Big Brother Casting Updates

This is not really any update in terms of the Big Brother 14 season or the coposition of the next cast of House Guests. This is more of an off-season post as we anxiously await the next season. As the start of the season gets closer I'm sure we will have much more news with Big Brother spoilers and updates.

For now, a little bit of news on Big Brother 14 casting developments from The Big Brother Blog, which we have been reading for 5 or 6 seasons now.

As Big Brother Blog shares:

"for the upcoming Big Brother 14, you can now apply online via the Big Brother 14 casting site."

"Applications for Big Brother 14 are due by midnight Pacific time on May 11th, 2012. "

So, we don't know who is going to be in the Big Brother 14 cast yet- because they don't know either. Now we know how you can apply to be on Big Brother through their online casting site.